Labrador tea from the Quebec region 20 g

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Description Labrador tea has a fragrant and sweet taste that is slightly tannic. The so called Greenland edon is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and helps fight aches, pains and headaches. It is also recognized for virtues to reduce nervousness, stress and thyroid imbalance. It is drunk as an infusion for its medicinal properties but also simply for its delicate fragrance.

Produced by Gourmet Sauvage 
For more than 25 years, Gourmet Sauvage has promoted Boreal gastronomy through the collection of wild plants and mushrooms. Each of Gourmet Sauvage's products is a walk in the forest filled with smells, calm and serenity. Gourmet Sauvage is the perfect producer to combine culinary pleasure and health. Let yourself be tempted!