Lavender Baby Soap 100g

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Description Mélia soaps are handcrafted using the traditional cold saponification method. They are made from organic vegetable oils which makes them naturally gentle and non-drying on the skin.

Kids love dirt. Parents love softness. Taking a bath becomes a bath of pleasure when the Archimedes Principle is demonstrated as fingers become raisins and smiles take the form of a banana. Eureka, say the children.

Perfect for babies and children, this super mild soap is a first step towards improving skin hydration.

The relaxing lavender will know how to calm the little ones while leaving on their skin a light scent, bringing them to calm and well-being.

Produced by Mélia:  Exceptional craftsman Mélia combines her passion for bees and knowledge of forest products to create sublime body products, rich in active ingredients naturally beneficial for your body and your home.