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Description We tackle food waste by reusing leftover fruit and vegetable pulp from a local juice manufacturer, LOOP mission, and turning them into healthy dog biscuits. In addition, the organic wakame seaweed protein used in these treats has not only extremely high nutritional value, but also very low calorie content.

Produced by Wilder Harrier On a cold February day in Montreal, Phil stumbles upon an intriguing UN study that suggests insect protein could be the solution to many of our food supply problems (!). The arguments are so compelling and the solution seems so logical - he can't get the idea out of his head. A few days later, during a game of hockey, he shares his readings with his best friend, Paul, and his brother, Mat, who quickly decide to join in the adventure. The trio got together over a beer in June 2014 to exchange ideas. As dog owners faced with the perpetual challenge of feeding allergic dogs with sensitive stomachs, they decide to explore the potential of this new protein for a diet that is both hypoallergenic and sustainable.