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Description Never pasteurized, classic honey is cold extracted, filtered and liquefied at low temperature in order to preserve the aromas and properties of honey while benefiting from its liquid texture.

The texture of classic honey is dependent on an entirely natural phenomenon: crystallization. At the time of potting, all the honeys are liquid. Over time, crystals develop and change their texture. To give it its liquid texture, classic honey is slightly heated at low temperature, but never pasteurized. It will therefore crystallize in the more or less near future, crystallization being a natural phenomenon in all unpasteurized honeys.

Above all, do not think that crystallized honey is wasted! With a little stirring, it still blends well with other ingredients. In order to liquefy honey, it should be gently heated in a water bath. It is important to never heat honey in the microwave. Warning! The water in the pot should not boil, but simmer slightly.

Dominant flowers: white clover, cruciferous, raspberry
Secondary flowers: lime, white sweet clover

Produced by Miel d'Anicet Exceptional craftsman at Miel d'Anicet we combine the passion of bees and knowledge of forest products to create sublime honey products, rich in active ingredients naturally beneficial for your health.

Made from organic ingredients verified by Québec Vrai